Tomato Challenge 2003

Please be patient while the pictures load
Let's start off with some tomato seedlings
I have finally started my setup. Due to very bad storms for 2 months and illness, I got off to a slow start. I decided to do the Dutch pots
I started with perlite. I covered the top with gro-rock. I quickly found out that the perlite was going to float My plants right out of the bucket. I decided to go off to Lowes to purchase some Cypress mulch.
Here are the tomatos now in cypress mulch. 6/01/03
I used double buckets to cut down on clogging the drain tubes There are tomato plants in those buckets, their so tiny :>).
They are looking ok so far. They seem to like the cypress mulch. They now have several blooms. 6/23/03
These are the tomatoes on 7/16/03. Boy! I have lots of trouble with pumps dying.
More tomatoes 7/16/03
Boy! They are growing pretty fast now. Weeeeeeeee! 7/21/03
One of the buckets actually turned over from the weight of the plant. I'm glad I looked out of the window in time to save them. These are the tomatoes that could not be seen in the bucket because they were so tiny. 7/23/03
Here is a better picture of the setup. I have nutrient solution pumped up via black pump tubing and it drains out of the bucket via a grommet and elbow fitting. I drilled a hole into the PVC pipe so that the elbow fitting needed to only set down into the pipe. This way I can just lift the bucket up and off of the sytem.
This is a Watermelon Beefstake. I think it will get pretty large. 8/05/2003
This is one of the tomatoes that I lost the tag. I think it is a betterboy. 8/05/03
One of the other unknown. 8/05/03
This is a white cherry. I can't wait to see what it will look like.
This is a view of the 4 buckets. I will have more bukets next year.