A Look at My System

Please be patient while the pictures load

This is a double bucket system.
Setting one bucket into the other leaves about a 5 inch space at the bottom. This space is where the water collects and drains from the bucket into the PVC pipe. The white bucket has about 6 or 8 holes in the bottom. This lets the water drain from the white bucket into the blue bucket and then into the PVC pipe.
As you can see by the photos, the elbow fitting sits into the PVC pipe.
I didn't want a tight fit so that it could be easily lifted and removed from the setup. .
The arrow is pointing to the black fitiing that is coming from the black tubing. This tubing runs along the PVC pipe and down into the Hydro resevoir. This resevior is contained in a 30 gallion rubbermaid type container. This is were my hudro water is keep. The tubing pumps the water from the resevior up to the drip tubing and into the white bucket. I have the water at a steady flow instead of a drip. The flow runs for 15 mins on and 30 mins off until it gets really hot, then it's 30 mins on and 30 mins off.
I drilled a hole in the upper rim of the white bucket to insert the 1/4" drip tubing. I usually use gro-rock in hydroponics but I finally decided to use cypress mulch as my hydro media in this bucket system. It's the only media that did not float out of the bucket. It's also cheaper.
They seem to really like the cypress mulch