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These are pictures I have taken myself. I am not a professional, so don't be critical of the quality

Light Pink Azalea
If you can ID it please email me

This is lillium Stargazer. This is one of my favorite lilies. The flower on this one gets huge.

No garden is complete without petunias.

This is another one of my azalea. I have on idea the name of this one. I know the flowers are really huge.

Just one of my unknown Dahlias

This was another one of those plants without a name tag. What a beautiful passionflower.

Peonies are an old garden favorite. No garden is complete without a least one peony.

This is a show stopper salvia. It's name is Salvia leuecantha. It can reach 4' to 5'.

The Swamp Hibiscus never fail to bloom.

Tibouchina is one that I must protect come winter.

Like I said before, I really like purple. So you know this Persian Shield is at the top of the list. I just wish they were hardy in my area.

This is one of my favorite vines "blue sky vine"